Milla square pillow by Johnny Was


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You cannot stop yourself from squeezing these - they are heaven. No two exactly the same because the repeat on the velvet print is massive. All are divine. Don't dawdle. Supply is very limited.

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  • Velvet 23" square pillow from Johnny Was. Over the top fabulous. Aquas, greens, yellows, reds and grays are all involved in this sumptuous print reminiscent of a turkish tile. 

    It’s the gorgeous details in life that make it beautiful and that’s what they create at Johnny Was; the most exquisite embroidery, luxurious fabrics, a juxtaposition between vintage and modern, and always effortless silhouettes. 

     So the name? Let's set the record straight: The year was 1987, and for the creators of Johnny Was, it came in the form of a classic reggae song released a decade earlier. Living by the beach in Southern California, while the Bob Marley tune with the eponymous line, “Johnny was a good man…” was on heavy rotation, a clothing line was born.