Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit


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A spinning loom kit on which you can make necklaces, headbands, anklets, belts, zipper pulls and more! No batteries, no plug, no screen. Good clean 100% cotton fun!

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  • The Loopdedoo® spinning loom lets you create designs by taking embroidery thread and then spinning it into accessory magic. The Loopdies® you make will be cute and colorful—but you can take them up a notch by adding beads, pom poms, tassels, or charms - your own or the accessories by AWG.

    Craft therapy for all ages. A fun,unisex activity to do together on a crummy day that produces a wearable gift. Hands-on activities are one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. The Ann Williams Group makes crafts that liberate the inner tinkerer in kids. Crafts that unleash a child’s imagination and gently challenge the conventional. When kids craft, they develop problem solving skills. They become much better thinkers and they acquire confidence. Above all, through making, they realize they can do anything they set their mind to.