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Ruggles & Hunt has been a brick & mortar shop for thirteen years in the beautiful town of Walpole, New Hampshire. In May, 2016, we opened a second store in Brattleboro, Vermont and now we are online.

Ruggles is not a typical shop in any way: it is a flirt, a laugh and a blare of color. Most everything you will find in the displays is practical, hysterical or beautiful – rather like the amazing people who work there. 

Vicki  Gohl, proprietress was frustrated that Walpole had no shop and it was a half hour drive for a greeting card, a children’s birthday present, non-grocery store soap, a lamp for the guest room or a pair of socks with attitude. Her idea was to create a local resource as unique as the town in which it was situated. As the shop gained momentum, it became clear that clothes for guys and gals had to be part of the mix. Her goal is to match people with goods that best represent who they are.  Hers is an eclectic offering conceived by a buying mind who was raised in New York City and spent many years doing theatre, film and other visual based activities.

Vicki with her store managers, Jess & Jaja, represents a triangle of opposites, each unique in their taste, style and attitude. The store merchandise and the staff offer something for everyone.

Vicki Gohl, Owner of Ruggles & Hunt

Jaja Laughin, manager,

79 Main Street, Brattleboro VT 
(802) 579-1900

Jeweler, book maker, yogi, mother, logistics queen and all around fabulous person is our ‘Ja’! 

JaJa at Ruggles and Hunt in Brattleboro VT

She has been with us for over twelve years and all that Ruggles is or ever will be is inexorably intertwined with her infectious laugh, unique style and astonishing visual sense.

A Californian by birth, but a long time resident of the valley, Jaja is part of the social fabric of the area and an endless resource of information on all things to do locally. The new store was her idea and she has literally and physically helped to realize it. She painted every surface, laid and finished the floors, scrubbed, nailed, organized and schlepped. Through her sheer force of will this new retail being went from an idea in a text message through a gut renovation to an operating and staffed reality in less than 5 months.

Jess Mannai, manager, 

8 Westminster Street, Walpole NH
(603) 756-9607

The spiritual center of the staff at Ruggles, Jess is the kindest, wisest and most staggeringly honest and tactful person you are likely to meet.

Jess at Ruggles & Hunt boutique in Walpole

Mother of two, raised on the cape, she is our clothing maven. A fitting with Jess could change your life, like those ladies on the lower east side of Manhattan who can fit your bra without a tape measure. Hers is a funky New England style rooted firmly in the practical and the comfortable. She will not let you buy something that does not look good on you, but what you end up leaving the store with might surprise you. Eight years into her time at Ruggles she is assuredly the most sought after member of our staff.

Yes, she looks like Jamie Lee Curtis and no, you are not the first person to say so.

World Connect - Two Malawi Women

Did you know that 10% of purchases at rugglesandhunt.com will go to "World Connect"  a marvelous organization that makes micro grants to entrepreneurs world-wide who are trying to make life better in their villages and communities? 

Grassroots projects, Locally driven. 
World Connect video introduction

Every dollar helps! Thank you from everyone at Ruggles & Hunt!