Johnny Was jasmine plaid smock shirt

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A shirt to live in - the most comfortable ever - and yet possibly the most beautiful ever. Soft flannel plaid with pockets and embroidery.

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  • Dreamy in every detail. Vented pleat in back, velvet ribbon on button placard, embroidery on the back of the sleeves. Fitted on top, but loose at waist. Great colors. And pockets! Yay! 

    Johnny Was creates pieces that feel luxurious, yet are ready to be packed into a suitcase for a last minute trip or thrown on for a short notice gathering. They are expensive but that is the price for clothing that is both alluring and inspiring. It’s the gorgeous details in life that make it beautiful and that’s what they create at Johnny Was; the most exquisite embroidery, luxurious fabrics, a juxtaposition between vintage and modern, and always effortless silhouettes. 

     So the name? Let's set the record straight: The year was 1987, and for the creators of Johnny Was, it came in the form of a classic reggae song released a decade earlier. Living by the beach in Southern California, while the Bob Marley tune with the eponymous line, “Johnny was a good man…” was on heavy rotation, a clothing line was born.